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Avis des clients:

Very pleased!
- from Mr. Chris D., April 2015 5 stars
"I tested a few chairs and I chose this model because it seemed the most beautiful, and because the massage it offers is very good for the back and legs."

The best!
- from Mr. Vladimir, April 2015 5 stars
"It is a model about which I had made a lot of inquiries, and it is particularly complex. Its roller function for the calves and all the activated airbags are fantastic. I heartily recommend this massage chair."

Happy client!
- from Luke, May 2015 5 stars
"I am happy with this chair because it have a lot of airbags and the back massage is also very good. Great shipping!"

Top quality. Excellent price!
- from Ms. Mia, April 2015 5 stars
"I believe I have chosen a top chair. It uses a technology that I have not been able to find in any of the other models, and I’m extremely happy with the massage this chair provides. Great Consultancy and Shipping."

- from Yolanda, April 2015 5 stars
"I was looking for a huge massage chair that can be embrace me. Tokuyo was exactly what I was looking for. Great price and service from Komoder."

Very pleased
- from Mr. Ryan, April 2015 5 stars
"I like it very much. I tested it in USA and I was exited to get it into my home. Also the price is best!!"

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